Living By Design offers lead design consultation services, especially for larger projects that are missing that something special. By bringing our combined expertise and experience to a project, we can deliver that missing ‘WOW’ factor that is otherwise elusive.

Project Management is an integral part of our business. Through careful planning and organization, the implementation phase of a project unfolds much more smoothly than otherwise found in Thailand. However, the results are still only as good as the skill put into those results. Thus, in each of the locations we work, we have painstakingly sought out and developed relationships with quality contractors and tradesmen who similarly value delivering unquestionable quality.

Living By Design is a turnkey interior design company offering start-to-finish service. Whether it’s a renovation of a presently owned home or a custom new build, we can take care of all your interior needs. Having over eight year experience in Thailand, we not only know the products in the marketplace but who the best suppliers are too. In using Living By Design for the complete process, the stress of building a new home or renovating an old one is greatly diminished. In fact, we can make it ready to move in, down to the cleaning supplies if you’d like. Contact us now for a consultation

While Living By Design does not offer architectural services directly, due to our inside-out approach in delivering lifestyle enhancements tailored for clients, we regularly work with a handful of talented local architects, giving stylistic and functional direction to the overall project. Ask for more information.

Living By Design offers custom furnishing services for both loose furniture as well as built-in furniture. Drawing from experience, we can deliver in various style tailored to the customer’s tastes.